11BAR is a Wholesale Diving Supplier

We supply products into the UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland

If you are a bricks and mortar retailer or a scuba brand.
Please call Stuart for more information. 

 nanight england 0239 4200123  or  040 41167116


nanight products are characterized by simplicity, power and performance.

The Keep It Super Simple mentality is applied to all nanight products. This enables lamps to be manufactured in Sweden with high quality, high performance, competitive prices and first class customer support. This concept has the advantage that the products can be easily repaired, upgraded and serviced in the stores. nanight only uses high quality components to manufacture the products.

nanight has been with 11BAR since 2019 and has the markets: UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland, and Ireland


nammu tech, 3D high-end printed dive equipment

Nammu Tech is a UK based company. They develop innovative products for the diving industry. Over the years, Nammu Tech has specialized in the production of customer information technology and Sidemount powers with authorization services like titanium and carbon fiber interactions.

Nammu Tech has been with 11Bar since 2021 and has the markets: Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland