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nanight Charge Port Version 2

11bar - Stuart Acklam
2021-01-19 13:25:00
nanight Charge Port Version 2 - nanight Charge Port Version 2

Minimalism, power and simplicity

After the success of the charge port in Nanight products, Nanight has released the next generation for charging the touches. The new charging plug is lid-FREE and completely eliminates the risk of damage from user error. The makes the nanight touches.

An upgrade is possible from CP1, please contact your local supplier.

Using the new Charge Plug Adaptor is much easier. PLEASE "remove before dive"

Click on the image to see the CP without the Adaptor.

without a cap nanight looses a few o-rings and for extra safety the CP2 is a over presure valve. Minimalism, power and simplicity!